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Why Choose Us?

Scrub It is a company who’s mission is to keep you feeling great while using products that are good for you.

As the owner I pride myself on using natural ingredients in my products.  

Our products are free sulfates, parabens and SLS and never tested on anaimails. 

All of our Facial Products are made without synthetic fragrances, perfumes, colorants or dyes. We use only high quality essential oils in our Facial Serums and Moisturizers

About Us

Cristy Bergeron/Charest


I am the proud mother of three beautiful girls.  I started this business 8 years ago as a way to spend extra time with them, learning how to make chemical free products from home. 

After gifting my handmade products to friends and family I started receiving requests for orders. Customers were loving how a product can smell so good, be great for your skin and free of chemicals! 

Today I sell in shops all around New England. 

Loving that I can show my girls how important it is for women to grow up strong, successful,  independent and confident.